2013 pea pickersAll members are asked to volunteer 3 hours per year on the farm, unless you have health issues that make volunteering difficult.  Most folks volunteer to help pull weeds, wash carrots, dig potatoes, pull garlic, or gather squash; however, we do have other options such as helping by using your construction or mechanical skills.  We encourage you to suggest other ways you can help the farm!

Tuesdays – 12:30 to 3:30pm
Wednesdays – 12:30 to 3:30pm
Thursdays – 8:00 to 11:00am
Saturdays – 8:30 to 11:30am

Check our weekly e-mail newsletter for any updates to volunteer days/times.

Working shares

Working shares contribute 3 hours per week for 20 weeks at the farm for a $175 discount.  This isn’t a big enough discount to offset your time, so we hope it will be something that you enjoy.  Working share members have used it as a springboard to start their own gardens, as a classroom for their kids to learn about plants and farming and as a quiet break in their week.  We’ve hired a few of our working share members, too!  Email us if you have any questions at all.

Garlic Pull – July 15

The garlic pull is a unique and fun experience for all ages and abilities.  We use a tractor to loosen the garlic roots, so you can easily pull hundreds of garlic plants.  Then we hang or lay out all of the garlic plants to dry, which can be a pleasant job in the shade.  This event fulfills your volunteer time of 3 hours for the season.

Potato Dig – August 192013 potato hands

The potato dig is a fun way for families to fill their volunteer hours.  Digging for treasure in our loose “muck” soil is a lot of fun for kids and adults alike.  We also try to have fun activities to keep kids from getting too bored.

Squash Harvest – September 16

This is a family-friendly day at the farm, like a trip to the pumpkin patch–only we have a rainbow of different kinds of squash & pumpkins.  We will be cutting squash and pumpkins from the vine, setting them in trays, loading them onto the wagon, and putting them in our greenhouse to cure.  This event fulfills your volunteer time of 3 hours for the season.

Volunteer signups for events are included in our newsletters.