Work at Groundswell

Farmworkers make everything at Groundswell possible . . .

2013 josh uGroundswell has given me the opportunity to take on new challenges and to be part of the decision making process more so than any other farm I’ve worked on in the past. My wife and I are starting Full Hollow Farm and Katie & Tom have shared their planning spreadsheets, financial history, tools and advice to help us get started.

  –Brad Smith

Groundswell is a great place to work . . . .

Work at Groundswell in 2017!

Fair wages

  • Hourly pay starting at $8.90/hour
  • Free CSA share OR access to veggies as needed (your choice)
  • Raises for talent and experience
  • Time-and-a-half overtime pay


  • Learn all aspects of organic farming from greenhouse techniques to transplanting, irrigation, pest/disease control, weeding, harvesting, washing and marketing
  • Experience selling produce at a farm with 180+ CSA members, 2 successful farmers’ markets and sales to 4 health food stores
  • A choice of work specialties (coordinate the greenhouse, direct seeding in field, food safety, volunteers & events, irrigation, special orders, CSA pickups, farmers’ markets, etc)
  • Work with 226 vegetable varieties on 2 soil types (muck & sandy loam)
  • Weekly powerpoints on farm topics at lunchtime, more info HERE (scroll to see links to powerpoints)
  • Potential to become farm manager at either of our two farm sites or to be field manager at our main farmsite
  • Opportunity to tour other sustainable farms once per month
  • Opportunity to own your own farm – Groundswell is for sale and current sales can pay the new owner and pay the mortgage in year 1 and thereafter.  The USDA Beginning Farmer Loan program has very low interest rates and can pay your full down payment if you have 3 years of farm management experience.  Please let us know if you have any questions!

Good working conditions

  • Eight hour workdays
  • Five-day workweeks
  • Hour-long lunch
  • Focus on safety
  • Workers’ compensation in case of accidents

If you’re interested in working at Groundswell, contact us at in fall or winter to have the best opportunity for a job.

Open Positions for 2017!

We are looking for farmworkers . . .


We have multiple positions available for farmworkers who are fast-paced, detail-oriented and available from April or May until October. Work includes planting starts in the greenhouse, transplanting, direct seeding, hand-weeding, hoeing, wheel hoeing, roto-tilling, trellising tomatoes, using drip- and sprinkler-irrigation, organic pest control and all aspects of growing vegetable crops. A large portion of our time is spent harvesting, washing and marketing 226 varieties of over 30 vegetable crops. You will have the opportunity to sell veggies at bustling farmers’ markets and/or to help out at CSA distributions. You will learn methods to grow and harvest from Katie & Tom (the two farm-owners), Alyssa (Quincy St. Lead Farmer), Suzanne (Quincy St. farm manager), Sarah (Polk St. farm manager), and other farmworkers with various levels of experience at our farm.  We like to delegate responsibility for irrigation, food safety, greenhouse, pest & disease control, and volunteer and event coordination, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn as you work.  Pay is $8.90 per hour and raises are given for talent and experience.

Field Manager

This position is filled for 2017, but may be open in 2018. We are seeking someone with at least 2 years of farm experience and an interest in working with tractors to manage our 6 acre farm on muck soils near Zeeland, MI. Our current field manager has made all decisions about cultivating with our Allis Chalmers G tractor and direct seeding crops in the field.  In addition, we also train field managers to use our 42HP tractor, irrigate, manage pests & diseases and assist the crew with planting and harvesting.  We are open to adjusting the responsibilities of this position to fit your interests and skills.  Pay begins at $10/hour and raises are given for talent and experience on our farm.  This position begins in April or May and usually ends in early to mid-November.

Farm Manager

This position is filled for 2017, but may be open in 2018. The farm manager must have at least 2 years of experience on organic/no-spray vegetable farms, preferably farms over 3 acres in size.  We are seeking someone with the ability to train and manage 10 farm employees and make day-to-day decisions about worker tasks and priorities.  Comfort with making decisions about timing of planting, trellising, harvesting and tilling crops under would be expected, although the farmers are always available and usually on-site to assist and train the farm manager as needed.  Preference will be given to a farm manage who can commit to 2 years or more at our farm.  Pay begins at $11/hour and raises are given for talent and experience on our farm.  This position begins mid-March and can end in early November or late December.

Polk St. Farm Manager

This position is filled for 2017, but may be open in 2018.  Managing this farmsite allows the most independence for an applicant who wants experience on their ‘own’ farm. The Polk St. farmsite currently has 2.5 acres of vegetables on 10 acres of sandy loam 6 miles north of our main farm.  The site has its own 42HP tractor and several implements as well as an effective deer-fence, a small wash station, irrigation and a walk-behind rototiller.  The farmers are available to answer questions, purchase supplies or help out as needed, but are not usually on-site, so the farm manager and farmworker are very independant.  Pay begins at $10/hour and raises are given for talent and experience on our farm.  This position begins in late April or early May and ends in late October.